Monday Mindset: Do what others don’t like to do

“Successful people do what un-successful people don’t like to do.  They know there is a price to pay for success and go about doing that so later they can enjoy the rewards.”

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Tradies, iPhones and sex

Tradies, iphone and sexIt looked right. It smelt fine. It felt good. It tasted sweet. It sounded promising. Even the snoring didn’t bother me. But once again, I spoke too soon. The day I accidentally locked myself out of my house (I left my keys inside), a small but significant event, brought harsh realities to the fore: I am alone.

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Advice on severe Irritable Bowel Syndrome or IDS

Help with irritable bowel syndrome or IBSFrom: Greenie, Sydney

My Husband and daughter (12) have severe IBS, been to every doctor known to man and spent a fortune to be really no closer to a pain free life. We have also visited acupuncture which sometimes works for the 12 yr old and has settled down her allergies/hives. Continue Reading

Sex Taboo: Kissing cousins

Albert Einstein and second wife and cousin, ElsaAlbert Einstein and second wife and cousin, Elsa.

I remember when I was six years old, I had a crush on my fifteen year old cousin. He was tall, handsome and knew everything there was to know about fairy tales and superheroes. And then one day, he came to visit our house and brought along his girlfriend. She was very pretty and I was heart-broken.

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Monday Mindset: Believe

 “Belief is one of the strongest measures of success and failure.  If you believe something is possible then it will be, if you believe that it’s not than you will also be right.”

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Money Talks: Improve your financial IQ

Weekly Money Tip

“If you think education is expensive, try ignorance.” – Benjamin Franklin

Many people cannot justify buying a $30 book on how to save money and learning about investments. The same people will happily shell out $50 to go watch a movie every week. What if for one month you made the commitment to buy one book on the topic of finance? By the end of the year – don’t you think you will have increased your financial IQ?

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Monday Mindset: Create your own luck

“Change is by choice not by chance.  There is no luck, but opportunities that you create by taking action and doing what others don’t like to do.”

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The good, the bad and the truth about fat

the good, the bad and the truth about fatDo we really need fat in our diet?

Some nutritional anthropologists believe the human brain would not have developed as it did without access to high levels of quality fats. Learning about fats is confusing. When you go to the shops, you’re confronted with advertisements telling you that a product is low in fat, or a product is made with partially hydrogenated oil. But what does it all mean? Continue Reading

Sex taboo: Couples who swing

Couples who swinfgApparently, “swingers do it more often” and are happier in their relationships than those who stay in monogamous relationships. Of course, that doesn’t necessarily mean we should all go and have a try, because as most things, swinging isn’t for everyone. Continue Reading